Re: ACTION-143 - Feedback on the Gallery API

On 6.7.2010, at 16.39, Kostiainen Anssi wrote:

> Hi,
> Here's my feedback on the Gallery API (18 March 2010 version) [1]. Overall, I feel this early draft could be still simplified to make the highest value use case (retrieving a list of media items) simpler. More advanced stuff could be pushed to v2. It might also be beneficial to align its design more closely with the other similar (DAP) APIs. Some details below.

Some additional comments re MediaObject interface:

Wouldn't we need a read-only uri/url/URL attribute to make this API useful for other than querying metadata of media items?

Perhaps MediaObject could inherit from File in which case we could simplify by dropping at least filename, type and mimeType attributes. Another option that might work would be to inherit from MediaFile of Capture API. Or we could even try to merge MediaObject and MediaFile into one and use that if it works out.

As agreed during today's telco, let's discuss how we should proceed with this API at F2F. Any comments on the list prior to that are of course welcome.


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