Re: Media Capture API restructured

On Wed, Jul 7, 2010 at 2:31 PM, Ilkka Oksanen <>wrote:

> On 07.07.10 15:24, ext Andrei Popescu wrote:
>>  > Maybe there is potential to separate the subtleties of the
>> > pre-captured stream file vs. the streaming media stream use cases
>> > with the <input> and <device> elements respectively?
>>  Hmm, the current form-based approach draft doesn't mention streaming
>>  in any way. For clarity, maybe it should have a paragraph pointing
>>  to the html5 device spec, saying that streaming is handled there?
> Sounds fine for me. I will such paragraph soon if there are no other
> opinions. Thanks.

What I had in mind was re-writing the introduction to say that the input
approach does not provide access to a device's camera or microphone per se,
just a special super type of File called MediaFile for audio/*, video/* and
image/* files. That would clarify things a bit.

Also, could MediaArray be renamed to MediaList in line with the File API

Regarding the 'capture' attribute perhaps a better approach would be <input
type="file" accept="video/*;source=capture">? I'm not sure that the capture
attribute adds anything important to the file upload element.

Finally, could most of the Form-based access spec be subsumed in to the
HTML5 spec. Currently we are duplicating the definition of the MediaFile
element in both versions of the Media Capture specifications. It would
probably be best to define MediaArray, MediaFile, etc in one place and then
point the other spec (or the HTML5 spec itself) to the WebIDL definitions of
these interfaces.

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