Fwd: Alignment with W3C Contacts API

Please see the proposal below regarding aligning Contacts with CAB and relation to Portable Contacts.

Please discuss on public list.

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regards, Frederick

Frederick Hirsch, Nokia
Co-Chair, W3C DAP Working Group

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Subject: RE: Alignment with W3C Contacts API

dear all,

A pleasure to meet you all (virtually), thanks Dong-Young for bringing up on behalf of W3C DAP WG the compatibility issue between fields supported by W3C DAP Contacts API and OMA CAB.

During our tight race to completion of CAB 1.0, the CAB SWG has discussed it briefly and identified that compatibility between the fields exposed by the W3C DAP Contacts API and CAB is desired. We came up with a couple of possible ways forward, although none yet agreed in CAB:
1- DAP Contacts API includes the common denominator fields between CAB fields and PoCo fields
2- DAP adopts CAB format

A final proposal should be reviewed/agreed in CAB and submitted to W3C formally. What is your timeline for Contacts API work, until when can we submit our input/proposal?


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