Re: "HTML Media Capture" prepared for publication

At least one of the browser authors who were saying they were
implementing buffered device input and upload from cameras and
microphones with input type=file had indicated they might use the
accept= parameter, but I can certainly see the benefit of being able
to specify the choice of a file from either the filesystem or a
device, and a MIME type parameter is as good a place as any to do

Please forgive the cross posting and top posting, but I also need to
ask:  Has anyone considered how to restrict onchanged=form.submit() in
such forms?  I think that is inappropriate for most
multipart/form-encoded POSTs, but I don't want to suggest anything
that would break existing applications.

Furthermore I hope the security considerations sections will soon
include a summary of the language we've discussed about prompting for
device access with the option for remembered choices for permission
grants, along with a way to override and respond to such prompts with
device buttons like a shutter key and/or a record key. I understand
that the user always has an option to reject buffered and
filesystem-based device input by not submitting the form, but it would
be spectacular for the web application to have a way to know when the
user decided it wouldn't grant access to the device (i.e., if there is
background noise or any of dozens of other reasons.) Finally, I
strongly prefer granted permission review and revocability and I hope
that makes it in to the security considerations section, too.

James Salsman

On Sat, Jul 17, 2010 at 11:47 AM,  <> wrote:
> Hi Dom,
> I think we also briefly tackled the issue of making the FormatData
> attribute of the MediaFile interface read-only (in File all attributes
> are read-only [1]). Was there a decision against making it read-only?
> - Ingmar.
> [1]
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> Subject: "HTML Media Capture" prepared for publication
> Hi,
> The Working Group agreed on targeting to publish "HTML Media
> Capture" (which ties <input type="file" accept="image/*;capture=camera">
> to the camera and the MediaFile interface) next week as an updated draft
> of .
> I've finished preparing the draft with the changes agreed upon during
> the discussions in the F2F this morning at:
> This includes:
> - Changed title to "HTML Media Capture"
> - Change "capture" attribute to "capture" parameter of "accept"
> attribute with values in camera, microphone, camcorder
> - Remove "type" attribute from FormatData (redundant with Blob.type)
> - added note on relation to HTML5 (MediaFile interface, capture
> parameter)
> - added note on possible relationship to Media Ontology API
> - Removed the "trusted environments" example
> Please let me know if there any last minute changes that you think would
> be useful to bring to the document before a new public draft.
> Dom

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