System Information for IP service activation (was RE... changes to sysinfo...)

To summarize my position on this topic, I am reiterating my proposal
for additions to the System Information and Events API specification
-- -- necessary to complete
ACTION-183, "Drop connections[] and activeConnection, move to
activeConnections[] and define clearly what 'active' means" --

In order to define which connections in a multi-homing or similar
situation are active, I suggest that the following information is

1. Ability to send IP packets (as a bandwidth)

2. Ability to receive IP packets (as a bandwidth)

3. Round-trip-time statistics

4. And end-to-end delivery compatibility flag (e.g., NAT-free traversal)

5. Network neutrality flag (e.g., conforming to IANA/ICANN DNS authorities
without address translation or managed service degradation)

6. Secure-compatibility flag (e.g., able to send HTTPS traffic without overhead)

7. Expectation of privacy flag (e.g. via carrier has a satisfactory privacy
policies and is known to operate without eavesdropping)

8. Cost of service

I believe that AT&T has objected to 6 and 7, claiming that they are
out of scope.

I would like to ask the group:  Do you want to live in a world where
your internet device selects the active connection using this
information or not?

James Salsman

Received on Saturday, 3 July 2010 19:43:50 UTC