DAP specs and architectural issues (Re: JavaScript Permissions interface in WebApps)

On 2 Jul 2010, at 18:46, Doug Turner wrote:

> It isn't clear to me how much Firefox would implement of the DAP spec.  My current understanding is that we would implement very little. Much of the specifications are very specific to widgets, not web.  Some of the specs are not tied directly to the dom (like the early drafts of capture).  Some do not provide little value but high risk (like System Info).  The reasons, as you see, aren't because of privacy attributes you want to add, but more core problems.

Doug, I think the key words about Capture were "the early drafts."

If you see core problems around DAP specifications, then please say what they are and help the WG get things right for both web applications and widgets.

Received on Friday, 2 July 2010 17:02:11 UTC