Media Capture API restructured

Based on the decision during the previous call, I have now split the Media Capture spec into two:
Form Based Access:
Programmatic API:
Comments welcome. ViewFinder interface is postponed to level 2. Regarding the form based access I ended to introduce a new boolean attribute called 'capture' for <input type=file>. Current text in HTML5 defines exhaustive list of accepted comma separated tokens for the accept attribute. I don't think it's appropriate to extend that list blindly in a separate spec. 
Related to this, I believe the question remains if the form based spec should stay in its own document in the first place or should it be actually merged to HTML5 spec. I guess it can be now seen as a simple HTML5 extension. I think we should at least check now that there are no blocking issues with this kind of approach.

Received on Wednesday, 7 July 2010 08:13:42 UTC