sysinfo - requirement to ensure implementers provide true data

Hi there,


As discussed in the face-to-face yesterday and agreed today, I would
like to raise the need for a requirement to ensure that for APIs like
sysinfo, that valid data is provided by implementers. This is for two


1)      Users should be able to rely on the information that is provided
- e.g. a correct temperature reading

2)      Implementers do not abuse APIs to expose information just
because that particular property is not defined by our specification
(for example using the temperature data response to pass back data on
something else such as some other analogue data source).


This will be particularly important in the future if this is to be used
in other industries and is also a potential existing abuse point. My
proposed text is as follows:


"Implementers of this specification SHALL NOT misuse property data. For
example, AmbientTemperature information SHALL only contain information
about ambient temperature, not for another sensor."


In addition there should be some guidelines around incorrect or false
information in system information?








David Rogers
Wholesale Applications Community

Received on Thursday, 15 July 2010 16:03:27 UTC