Re: Dirty Politics (was Re: AT&T's Dirty Politics)

A strong +1.

In addition, lets not bring up scoping arguments unnecessarily. It was pretty clear that Bryan was using the term informally when explaining the focus of the concern his email was about.

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Frederick Hirsch, Nokia
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On Jul 5, 2010, at 9:37 AM, ext Robin Berjon wrote:

> James,
> On Jul 2, 2010, at 22:52 , James Salsman wrote:
>> I received the message below pertaining to AT&T's position on IANA-
>> and ICANN-compatible DNS services, a flag or more detailed information
>> for which we have been discussing in relation to statistics which web
>> device and API users might reasonably want to have available in their
>> System Information when making connection activation decisions (e.g.
>> selecting an activeConnection) in multi-homing and similar situations.
>> I would like you to have the opportunity to respond. I hope you will
>> be able to join those of us who expect conformance to DNS RFCs.  If
>> you are unable to do so because of the position your corporation has
>> taken, please inform the group.  You know that I consider such
>> affronts against professional standards of service quality a very
>> serious matter, and that I have a pending complaint against you for
>> attempting a baseless claim that these issues are out of scope.
> This message is, quite simply, out of line. And it is incompatible in tone and content with the principles of respectful cooperation that govern interactions on W3C mailing lists.
> Network Neutrality is a policy topic over which this group has no bearing whatsoever. We might have a lot of fun if it were, but that is not the case. It makes your recurring mention of it as well as insistence on having it be considered as part of what are orthogonal components altogether off-topic.
> That much may be an honest mistake. But since you mention "dirty politics", I cannot fail to point out that the only person resorting to ad hominem attacks, attempting sullying by association, mentioning "eavesdropping agencies" is you. I don't like dirty politics anywhere and they will be kept out of here.
> Feel free to dislike AT&T as much as you like. There are plenty of places where you can air those sentiments. But you don't ever get to trash talk or attempt to browbeat people here.
> You owe Bryan an apology.
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