Re: JavaScript Permissions interface in WebApps

Hi Doug,

On Jun 29, 2010, at 22:42 , Doug Turner wrote:
> I would love to build a draft doc, but really... we should ask John Gregg.  He is the editor of the Desktop Notification and he is to "blame" for the bulk of this API.  John, would you like to factor this out and propose it as a separate spec?

I certainly didn't mean to imply John shouldn't do it  I'm merely hunting for editors. It's what chairs do.

> Also, I am not really interested in options for this specification.  If we have to spec out additional things, we can do that in the future.

Yeah, I wouldn't want to do it before we have at least one API that requires it  otherwise we'll probably get it wrong no matter how simple we make it.

> Lastly, it will be very hard to implement anything that does the following:
> { retain: "briefly", distribute: false }
> This is basically the same idea the the CDT/GeoPriv folks wanted in the Geolocation WG.  This wont work from the UAs point of view for many reasons.  Before you consider rehashing the debate on this thread, I urge you to you can check out the Geolocation WG meeting notes from the Dec. Face-to-Face for the details.

Oooh, look Ma, a can of worms!

I am well aware of the Geo discussion, and all that goes around it. I just used it as an example here.

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