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(csv) Use cases

Added Open Office tests to the wiki

additional tool testing of CSV files in Syntax document

additional tool testing of CSV files in Syntax document (LibreOffice)

Agenda for 2014-02-26 meeting

Agenda for Weds 5th CSVW call (8am Boston, 1

apologies for not attending today's call

Archaeology Data Service

CSV on the Web Working Group | XBRL

csv on the wiki

CSV test cases

CSV+ Direct Mapping candidate?

CSV+ file lines with differing number of columns

CSV-LD proposal


CSVs and provenance

danbri intro

EDF2014 informal gathering of WG members

First Face-to-Face meeting

implicit delimeter escaping, log files

Intro and Thoughts on CSV2RDF

Intro Axel Polleres/WU Wien

Intro: J├╝rgen Umbrich

IRI Templates

ISSUE management

ISSUE-1: There is no machine-readable mechanism available to describe how the set of files are related

looking at CSV2RDF from another perspective

Mass Spectrometry and Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy examples

Meeting minutes 2014-02-26

Meeting minutes for the 19th of February...

Minutes of meeting 2014-02-05

Model / Syntax Updates

new narrative style use case added to wiki

New Use Cases

Organising Requirements

possible usecase: tables for medical clinical trial data


Regrets for 2014-02-12 telecon

Regrets for missing today's call

Regrets for today's call

Request for assistance: editing use case & requirements document

RFC 4180 / IETF followup

Scoping Question

Scoping: "Tabular Data"

Soooo much biology data is CSV oriented...

Syntax document: use of terminology

Syntax for Tabular Data on the Web

Tableau tools [was: CSV2RDF and R2RML]

Telcon 2014-02-12

Telcon 2014-02-19

Today telecon

updated use case document

Use case & requirements document

Use Case: Multiple Data Sets in Single File

use case: NetCDF data

use case: peel sessions

Use cases

Use cases - weather observations

Use cases improved and extended

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