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A standard binary format description language, an idea

Combining the HTTP Chunks into single packet

Concurrent updates and proxies

CSS and Tables (possibly more)

fw 別人買東西我賺錢,而且是@輩子的喔!! AI7SRupkzSBNmMOqOvDzkbS6

HELP! w3.org is on all my webpages in HTML - can't delete them!

Helping out the Mozilla Fondation


HTTP 1.1 Pipelining

HTTP session id

i cant open subdomains in my local intranet pls help me

Info abt browser reqd

is PDF w3c recommended?

Need to get server info

Peer to Peer Protocol

Re to XML Performance

Redirects within a single roundtrip?

SAC startSelector

Thank you!

That movie

Unicode support in LibWWW

URL Naming and DNS...

Virus in mail from you.

We're searching a distributor / reseller (equipment & medical supplies).

XML performance


xquery, sql, xml

ylafon 枑鼎CDMA拸盄鼠趕莉こ

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