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.arpa and persistent namespaces

ACTION-350: Best practice for referring to specifications which may update

ACTION-528: TAG plan for work on persistence

ACTION-614: Report on Microdata/RDFa -- discuss Thursday or close?

ACTION-642: With help from Larry to propose plan to liaise with PLH to register HTML media type

ACTION-647: Prepare product page for work on Client-Side Storage

ACTION-655: TAG to publish XML/HTML Unification Report

Agenda for TAG F2F 4-6 January 2012

Agenda for TAG teleconference of 19 January 2012

Agenda for TAG teleconference of 26 January 2012

Apologies re certs

CfC: Close ISSUE-177: ietf-id-wip by Amicable Resolution

CfC: Close ISSUE-177: ietf-id-wip by Amicable Resolution (ACTION-350)

Comment on: Providing and discovering definitions of URIs

draft minutes for the TAG teleconference of 26 january 2012

Draft minutes of 4-6 January 2012 TAG F2F are now available

Fwd: Soapy: an even better anti-SOPA browser plugin

guide to ISSUE-57 (httpRange-14) document suite

HTML5 proposes introduction of new family of URI schemes

HTTP Status Code 308 "last call" draft

interesting thread on "unguessable" URIs

Is the TAG looking at "online filter bubbles"?

ISSUE-31 another data point re secret URLs

Mark Nottingham endorses IETF work on new versions of HTTP

MIME and web slides for tomorrow

more links & copyright news

New version of Memento I-D

NPR reports on DNS governance

Official Response to ISSUE-84 from RDF Web Apps WG

Opera reparses as HTML when XML parse fails

persistence of DNS names without new top level domain

Persistent domain names: report on workshop, product page (ACTION-620, ACTION-528)

Persistent references

Proposed HTML elements and attributes [was: Agenda for TAG F2F 4-6 January 2012]

Some Thoughts on Privacy

TAG Completes work on Web Application State Management

TAG Work Plan pages updated to reflect F2F decisions

The history of TAG Findings

The Science of Insecurity

There will be no TAG teleconference this week

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