ACTION-655: TAG to publish XML/HTML Unification Report


Thank you again for taking the time to meet with the TAG during our F2F on 
5 January. At that session, we recorded this TAG resolution, reflecting the 
agreement we made with you at that time:

RESOLUTION: The TAG thanks Norm Walsh and the task force, and expects that 
Norm will shortly provide the TAG for review a draft on XML/HTML 
Unification to be published as a W3C note for comunity review and comment. 
TAG chair will check with TAG before giving final clearance for publication.

I also took:

ACTION-655: on - Noah Mendelsohn - Check Norm Walsh draft of W3C Note with 
the TAG, draft cover letter to include with Note, and review that with the 
TAG Due: 2012-01-17

Do you have any estimate of when a publication-ready draft is likely to be 
available? Thank you.


Received on Monday, 16 January 2012 02:58:41 UTC