guide to ISSUE-57 (httpRange-14) document suite

Sorry, Ashok and other www-tag readers, that my email to Dave Reynolds
came out of the blue. You might be confused as to the current status
of my assault on the httpRange-14 impasse (tracked under ISSUE-57).
I've ended up with a suite of four documents. I know this is
confusing, so here is a review:

1. "Understanding URI Hosting Practice as Support for Documentation Discovery"
  Started in late 2011.
  This is intended to provide a compact baseline against which change
proposals can be written. Has had TAG review, not really ready for
wider review yet, but getting close

2. "Providing and Discovering URI Documentation"
  Big document, an informal exploration of the solution space.
  Started in 2011, reviewed in June 2011.
  A resource to aid those who might prepare change proposals against #1.
  This is what my recent message to Dave Reynolds is about.

3. "Generic resources and Web metadata "
  Auxiliary document giving an explanation of "information resource"
for those who feel they need one.  Put out for review last June,
revised in November.

4. "Interoperability of referential uses of hashless URIs"
  Description of the problem to be solved, for those who don't
understand what the fuss is about. Sorry about the horrible title.

I'm planning to ask for general review of #1 soon, but not just yet;
no need to look at it right now. #2, #3, and #4 are just supporting
material for #1. I'm currently revising #2 and #3 for better
consistency with #1, so you might want to scan them again when I ask
for review of #1, but I don't plan to ask for another round of review
on these.

Hope this helps.


Received on Saturday, 21 January 2012 14:51:10 UTC