Proposed HTML elements and attributes [was: Agenda for TAG F2F 4-6 January 2012]

Noah Mendelsohn <>, 2011-12-30 16:49 -0500:

> 6. # Mike Smith's list of candidate items:

That list is pretty far out of date already. I've since put together an
more up-to-date list:

Because I think it's useful to look at the proposed markup features
separately from any proposed APIs, that list is restricted to proposed
elements and attributes.

Below is a text dump of the contents of that page. Note that a number of
the elements are from the Web Components proposal:

The other elements and attributes have links to their relevant proposals.

Proposed attributes

      Specifies what type of keyboard to use for a particular <input> or
      <textarea> element--for example, to switch to displaying a keyboard
      optimized for typing in numbers rather than letters, or for typing in
      URLs, or for auto-capitalizing; similar to the inputmode attribute
      from XHTML 1.1/Basic.

      Specifies whether the contents of an element should be translated or
      not. (Similar to the its:translate attribute.)

Proposed elements

  content (Web Components)
      "Represents an insertion point in a shadow DOM subtree. The insertion
      point is replaced with the elements' children at rendering time. The
      <content> element itself is never rendered."

      Represents an interactive/sortable representation of tree, list, or
      tabular data in the form of rows and cells. (Might be rendered in
      browsers as a column-sortable "spreadsheet view" and/or
      collapsible/expandable "tree view"). <datagrid was previously part of
      the HTML draft, but was dropped in 2008.

  decorator (Web Components)
      "Defines a new decorator. Typically, you would also give it an id
      attribute to make it addressable from CSS."

      Dedicated element for representing dialog boxes, tool palettes,
      hovering tooltips, the contents of popup widgets, and so on.  (Note
      that an HTML WG decision to add the <dialog> element has already been
      announced. It's expected that it will be added to the HTML
      specification soon.)

  element (Web Components)
      "Defines a new custom element."

  intent (Web Intents)
      Represents an intent registration.

      Represents a command in a menu in Web application.

  reco (Web Speech)
      Represents a speech-input (speech recognition) control in a user

  shadow (Web Components)
      "Specifies an insertion point, where the next-oldest shadow DOM
      subtree in element's list of shadow DOM subtrees is rendered.  The
      <shadow> element itself is never rendered."

  template (Web Components)
      "Defines an inert chunk of DOM that can then be used for creating DOM
      instances in an unknown parsing context."

  tts (Web Speech)
      Represents an audio stream comprised of synthesized speech output
      (text to speech). DOM interface inherits from HTMLMediaElement (that
      is, the DOM interface for the HTML <audio> and <video elements).

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