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"Google calendar" use case

[widgets] Authorities will never have authority?

A comment on Security and Privacy Implications for Contact APIs

ACTION-278 Hiding metadata for security reasons

ACTION-308 (part 2) Updates to 'The Self-Describing Web'

ACTION-347 Research 303 caching change in HTTPbis

ACTION-357: Elaborate the Default Prefix Declaration story

Agenda for TAG teleconference of 21 January 2010

Agenda for TAG teleconference of 28 January 2010

Agenda for TAG teleconference of 7 January 2010

Agenda item 7, how to use conneg

comments on draft-abarth-mime-sniff-03

Content Negotiation again

Coordination issue: vCard, iCalendar vs JavaScript contact and calendaring APIs

Courtesy notification: call for consensus on HTML normative language reference issues

Draft minutes for TAG teleconference of 28 January 2010

Draft minutes of TAG telcon 2010-01-14

Draft minutes of TAG teleconference of 21 January 2010

Efficient XML Interchange (EXI) LC spec addresses ISSUE-30 (binaryXML-30)?

Expanded discussion of Default Prefix Declaration story (ACTION-351)

Fwd: New Version Notification - draft-nottingham-http-link-header-07.txt

HTML 5 Security Followup

HTML 5 Working Group closes without action TAG request to remove microdata

James Clark on XML Namespaces

Minutes of 8-10 December 2009 TAG F2F

minutes TAG weekly 7 Jan for review

New date for upcoming TAG F2F: 24-26 March 2010 at MIT

on "other applicable specifications" in the HTML 5 spec

ORCID author identification initiative

resource vs. representation in HTML (agenda item 5)

Secret URLs and TAG deliberations

TAG Action-354 Review client-side storage API’s

TAG Agenda for 14 January 2010

TAG closes ISSUE-30: Standardize a "binary XML" format?

TAG election results and director's appointments

TAG Resolution on "resource/representation" terminology in HTML 5

usage of 'resource' vs 'representation' in HTML 5, CSS, HTML 4, SVG, ...

Version indicators (was Re: [public-webapps] Comment on Widget URI (7))

W3C TAG closes ISSUE-30

W3C TAG position on policy mechanisms for Web APIs and Services

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