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Query about Appendix G.12 Jim Ley (Friday, 30 August)

image/svg+xml Jim Ley (Friday, 30 August)

MORTGAGE RATES JUST DROPPED BELOW 6% FOR 30 YEARS!8018 matthew@hotmail.com (Saturday, 31 August)

Batik 1.5beta4b patch release available Vincent Hardy (Thursday, 29 August)

Batik 1.5beta4 available Vincent Hardy (Wednesday, 28 August)

Re: XForms 3.2.2 Linking Attributes AndrewWatt2001@aol.com (Tuesday, 27 August)

Re:%20Suggestion%20for%20a%20new%20XML%20based%20pixel%20graphics%20format,%20called%20PPG%20%20(portable%20pixel%20graphics)&I Pankaj Kamthan (Tuesday, 27 August)

Suggestion for a new XML based pixel graphics format, called PPG (portable pixel graphics) Haeusler Reinhard (Tuesday, 27 August)

foreignObject Sigurd Lerstad (Friday, 23 August)

Conformance Suite Implementation Status: update? more players/viewers/browsers? Tobias Reif (Thursday, 22 August)

SVG/XForms Profile - Status? AndrewWatt2001@aol.com (Thursday, 22 August)

Minutes 20 August 2002 Yardumian, Rick (Tuesday, 20 August)

proposal for this link/tspan discussion Dean Jackson (Tuesday, 20 August)

[SVG1.0] no tspan allowed inside an anchor? Tobias Reif (Saturday, 17 August)

SVG 1.1 DTD error in spec....A.1.3 Qualified Name Module in Section B Robert Diblasi (Friday, 16 August)

svg textLength issue (and a little thing about use...) Jim Ley (Friday, 16 August)

SVG 1. 1 - DTD ..possible error and section 17.4 has error and please add 17.4.1 Robert Diblasi (Thursday, 15 August)

[www-svg] <none> iztok jeras (Thursday, 15 August)

Re: [svg-developers] Re: English Please--help understanding SVG 1.1 section 1.1.2 Robert Diblasi (Wednesday, 14 August)

Call for gorgeous SVG slide templates; SlideML and SVG Roger Fischer (Wednesday, 14 August)

Re: [svg-developers] Re: English Please--help understanding SVG 1.1 section 1.1.2 Dean Jackson (Wednesday, 14 August)

Could the SVG Working Group Please Explain PresentationtAttrsAll Robert Diblasi (Tuesday, 13 August)

SVG 1.1 : There are some svg elements that are not in acontent set ..Why? Robert Diblasi (Tuesday, 13 August)

Possible error in spec 1.1 -missing feature string ? Robert Diblasi (Tuesday, 13 August)

Title: SVG 1.1 Why are there some modules not in the specification? Robert Diblasi (Tuesday, 13 August)

Editorial error in 11.9 Paint Attribute Module Robert Diblasi (Tuesday, 13 August)

Fw: Spec question Jim Ley (Tuesday, 13 August)

Editorial error in SVG 1.1 DTD Robert Diblasi (Monday, 12 August)

Error in SVG 1.1 ( editorial ) Robert Diblasi (Monday, 12 August)

IHT Link broken AndrewWatt2001@aol.com (Saturday, 10 August)

Update the Implementations Page please AndrewWatt2001@aol.com (Saturday, 10 August)

Metadata rationale Jim Ley (Friday, 9 August)

Issue: referencing text/ecmascript in the spec is wrong. Jim Ley (Friday, 9 August)

<use> element and inheritance Sigurd Lerstad (Thursday, 8 August)

[ANN] SVG-Mobile Mailing List AndrewWatt2001@aol.com (Tuesday, 6 August)

[ANN] Yet Another SVG Browser: an experimental cross-platform SVG Browser Ronan Oger (Monday, 5 August)

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