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On Tue, 13 Aug 2002, Jim Ley wrote:

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> JL.
> "Andreas Streichardt" <>
> > Two Spec questions:
> >
> > Do SVGUnitTypes require js constants like
> > SVG_UNIT_TYPE_OBJECTBOUNDINGBOX ? They are not in the ecma spec, but
> are
> > in the idl section.

We haven't yet discussed this, but it sounds like an
oversight to me. We'll get back to you.

> > the idl specifies,
> > SVGExternalResourcesRequired::externalResourcesRequired attr is of type
> > SVGAnimatedBoolean whereas section 5.9 mentions : For
> > externalResourcesRequired: Animatable: no.

We discussed this just now. This is a mistake:
The DOM shouldn't have an animated boolean.
However, SVG 1.0 is a REC and we don't want to break
existing APIs, so the resolution will be to leave it 
as is.

The animated value and the base value for this particular
attribute will always be the same (it can't be animated).

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