Re: [SVG1.0] no tspan allowed inside an anchor?

Thomas E Deweese wrote:

 >     I think he was trying to solve your problem not answer your
 > question.

Yes, I think so too.

 >    So I'll answer the question.


 >  If we allowed tspan inside an 'a'
 > element you could write:
 > <svg ...> <!-- outermost svg>
 > <a ...>
 >    <!-- note no enclosing text element -->
 >    <tspan >This is text that should be anchored</tspan>
 > </a>
 >    Since, you _really_ don't want to have tspans outside of a text
 > elements and since 'a' can appear almost anywhere the decision was
 > made to not allow tspan in an a.

Inside the limitations of DTD, this is a reasonable design decision, IMHO.

In a different schema lang, one should be able to say
"an a can have tspan children, but only if it has a text ancestor"
Seems to be quite simple to express via XPath. Perhaps Schematron, Relax 
NG, or W3C XML Schema?

 > You can always get the same result
 > by adding some additional 'a' elements in your text element (you may
 > have to break up a single logical 'a' into several smaller a's that
 > don't span tspans.

... and duplicate URLs ... :|



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