Re: [svg-developers] SVG/XForms Profile - Status?

On Thu, 22 Aug 2002, wrote:

> I was wondering if anyone is in a position to say what the status of a 
> possible XForms/SVG Profile currently is.
> One reason I ask is that XForms has just entered a "pre-Candidate 
> Recommendation general tidy up" (my term) phase - see 
> With SVG 1.1 currently at CR stage - see 
>, it seems practical to consider 
> the synergy of XForms and SVG and whether and how an SVG/XForms Profile 
> should be developed.
> I have had a look for any sign of public W3C documents relating to such a 
> profile but failed to find any so far.

There aren't any yet, but the SVG WG is committed to examine the
integration of SVG and XForms. Here is an extract from the
SVG WG charter:


The principal request is greater integration with other W3C
specifications, such as XForms (to allow SVG form controls); ...

Coordination with the XForms Working Group will ensure that SVG will
be usable as a rich presentation layer for XForms, allowing
integration of form controls in SVG graphics.


The SVG Working Group has spent a lot of time looking at
XForms integration recently. I can't say when you'll see something,
but it shouldn't be too long.


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