Re: [SVG1.0] no tspan allowed inside an anchor? wrote:

> The question was answered and if you had visited the URL I gave you, 
> (third minpage) you would have seen it demonstrated 
> too.
> <tspan>
> <a>
>   whatever text
> </a>
> </tspan>
> Since you posted a DTD extract I assumed you could read a DTD, without 
> needing to have it explained to you. Notice above that the a element is 
> allowed as content of a tspan element.

Could you please relax? None of the above is friendly, helpful, or even 

You gave me the DTD snippet

<!ELEMENT tspan 
                 %tspanExt;)* >

to which I replied offlist:

... so I could write valid

     <tspan><a xlink:href="foo">foo</a></tspan>
     <tspan><a xlink:href="bar">bar</a></tspan>


The question is not answered, but the above seems to be sufficiently 
equivalent to invalid

     <a xlink:href="foo"><tspan>foo</tspan></a>
     <a xlink:href="bar"><tspan>bar</tspan></a>



The first snippet is exactly the solution you use on your site.

I understood the solution (which doesn't really answer the original 
question though) you suggested via the DTD snippet, said thanks, so what 
is the problem now?



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