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I wanted to use some interfaces to the path element.
At first I did not find any examples of it than I started from the interface 
A tested getTotalLength() on ASV and Batik. ASV supports getTotalLength() and 
getPointAtLength, Batik seems to not support any of them.

Then I decided to stard writing this interfaces for batik and encountered some 
problems in their definitions:

there is the method getPathSegAtLength for finding the path segment that is 
located at a point. But there is not an inverted method on the SVGPathSeg that 
vould define the path length at the start and the end ot the segment. (This 
values are needed to inplement getPathSegAtLength)

2. the transformation of quadratic Béziers and elliptical arcs into cubic 
Bézier curves are not defined for the transformation from pathSegList to 
normalizedPathSegList. This is needed for interoperability.

the next attributes are defined to be static and do not have animated 
float getTotalLength ( );
unsigned long getPathSegAtLength ( in float distance );

There are problems calculating the length of arcs (arc length is not 
algebraicaly computable), an option to use normalized paths for faster 
computation of length may be added

Synchronization betwen XML-DOM and SVG-DOM is not defined in the SVG spec. Is 
there anything about it in the DOM spec?

iztok jeras

Received on Thursday, 15 August 2002 06:58:27 UTC