Re: proposal for this link/tspan discussion

"John Hayman" <>
> "Jim Ley" <> wrote:
> > I don't like the idea that requiring dynamic viewers is useful in
> Ack!  I'd never thought of that!!  To me, I always think of
hyperlinking to
> be dynamic content since it requires user interaction. Decided to
> the spec, and it looks like hyperlinking is dynamic content.
> does not include hyperlinks.
> does include hyperlinks.
> So it has never been the case that static viewers support hyperlinking.
> has always been the case that dynamic viewers support hyperlinking.
> I'm missing something fundamental?

It seems you're not, no, however it seeems the SVG working group are,
static SVG viewers _must_ support hyperlinking.

Script can and is likely to be disabled, content transformed (via xslt or
whatever) for accessibility reasons still needs to be able to discover
hyperlinks because otherwise content obviously becomes inaccessible.  The
only realistic way to "ensure that content is accessible when scripts are
disabled" for applications is to provide a link to an external view,
static viewers need hyperlinking ability much more importantly than
dynamic ones.


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