RE: proposal for this link/tspan discussion

It is true that static viewers are not required to support hyperlinking.
The reason for this is that we were thinking of printers as one class of
static viewers.

However, it does seem like the SVG spec should formally mention a
particular type of viewer being "static plus hyperlinking". This is
pretty much what Batik 1.0 shipped (correct me if wrong) and matches
with the sort of functionality people think about with Acrobat Reader
(although recent versions of Acrobat support JavaScript onto its own
[non-compliant with DOM] APIs).

I'll forward this idea to the SVG working group.

Jon Ferraiolo
SVG 1.0 Editor

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> "Jim Ley" <> wrote:
> > "John Hayman" <> wrote:
> > > on devices that don't have pointing devices it is
> > > difficult to indicate that there is a "clickable" link.
> > Er, why is that? I don't understand that at all, there's lots of
ways of
> > showing that something is a link that don't rely on a mouse,
> Sure, like the cursor or bounding box or masking or what have you.
> are
> pretty reasonable actions -- although I still maintain content
> that are picky about their content will want the control themselves.
> > I don't like the idea that requiring dynamic viewers is useful in
> Ack!  I'd never thought of that!!  To me, I always think of
> to
> be dynamic content since it requires user interaction. Decided to
> the spec, and it looks like hyperlinking is dynamic content.
> does not include hyperlinks.
> does include hyperlinks.
> So it has never been the case that static viewers support
> It
> has always been the case that dynamic viewers support hyperlinking.
> Unless
> I'm missing something fundamental?
> Given that all visual elements are capable of generating mouseover,
> mouseout
> and activate events, it seems to me to be less of a change to handle
> hyperlinking that way rather than adding "xlink:href" to every
> element.

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