Call for gorgeous SVG slide templates; SlideML and SVG


OSCOM (, an international, not-for-profit organization
dedicated to Open Source Content Management, wants to create a XML language
for presentations, called SlideML.

So far Bitflux hosts the SlideML minisite (,
the mailinglist is already at OSCOM.

The first stable version of SlideML is announced for August 20, 2002. From
that time on, we will concentrate on the presentation part. Several
translations to other XML presentation languages (to Docbook Slides, to
AxKit slideshow,...) are provided, as well as a CSS version (XML+CSS in
Mozilla 1.0) and a SVG version.

What I am looking for is a gorgeous SVG slide template, that would win them
all to SlideML and to SVG:)

Is anyone interested in providing such a SVG slide template?
Naturally your name, company etc. would be mentioned on the site itself.

So far I've seen 3 SVG presentations that I really liked. The ones were from

- Dean Jackson, W3C (appearing and disappearing forward and backward
- Antoine Quint, ILOG
- Vincent Hardy and others from the Batik project (the one SVG file approach
where you then zoom on every slide)


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Received on Wednesday, 14 August 2002 06:12:35 UTC