Re: [svg-developers] SVG/XForms Profile - Status?

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> There aren't any yet, but the SVG WG is committed to examine the
> integration of SVG and XForms. Here is an extract from the
> SVG WG charter:
> [[[
> The principal request is greater integration with other W3C
> specifications, such as XForms (to allow SVG form controls); ...
> Coordination with the XForms Working Group will ensure that SVG will
> be usable as a rich presentation layer for XForms, allowing
> integration of form controls in SVG graphics.
> ]]]
> The SVG Working Group has spent a lot of time looking at
> XForms integration recently. I can't say when you'll see something,
> but it shouldn't be too long.

Thanks for the prompt reply, Dean.

It certainly sounds as if the XForms and SVG Working Groups have this on 
their radar.

I look forward to seeing the outcome of those discussions.


Andrew Watt

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