Re: proposal for this link/tspan discussion

Dean Jackson wrote:
> Remove <a> from SVG.
> Why can't every element be a link? We allow an xlink:href
> on every element (I think this was one of the goals of xlink).
> There are some elements (eg. <linearGradient>, <pattern>,
> <filter>, <tref>, <image> etc) that define xlink:href to mean
> something other than a traditional link (more like, go get the
> referenced content and do something with it). I'd like to see
> those attributes replaced with "ref".
> Of course, this breaks nearly everything as we know it, and is
> too huge a change for a minor version of SVG.

I very much like this idea. An alternative to replacing xlink:href with 
ref on those elements could be to use the rest of XLink to express the 
difference in link type (practical details conveniently left out as this 
is way too early in the morning for me to recall what in XLink could be 
reused here).

Robin Berjon <>
Research Engineer, Expway

Received on Tuesday, 20 August 2002 04:52:01 UTC