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bezier curves and transforms Max Froumentin (Sunday, 26 March)

SVGInteger factory method Steve Dickson (Wednesday, 22 March)

Re: any equivalent of "generator" for svg? rkarunak@us.oracle.com (Tuesday, 21 March)

<a> and <g> Russ Shotts (Monday, 20 March)

SVG Flash Josh Zeidner (Thursday, 16 March)

get method object return types Steve Dickson (Thursday, 16 March)

How can I view an SVG file? Josh Zeidner (Thursday, 16 March)

svg overlay on flashpix thealbrights@mediaone.net (Thursday, 16 March)

FW: Retrieving mouse event co-ordinates in transformed co-ordina te space. Alan Kennedy (Wednesday, 15 March)

SVGList Interfaces Blaine Brodie (Wednesday, 15 March)

Defs and forward references Russ Shotts (Tuesday, 14 March)

Email Advertising Special -- Ends Tuesday! jan1@walesaremagic.co.uk (Monday, 13 March)

May I help you ? Sheng Chen (Sunday, 12 March)

SVGElement inheritance in SVGDOM Jim Wang (Friday, 10 March)

re: svg is too complex Russ Shotts (Thursday, 9 March)

SVG Is Too Complex Kas Thomas (Thursday, 9 March)

Text alignment, rotation, etc Arnold, Curt (Wednesday, 8 March)

Comma delimited lists in SVG Arnold, Curt (Wednesday, 8 March)

SVG attribute names Steve Dickson (Wednesday, 8 March)

ship it... Andrew Wooldridge (Wednesday, 8 March)

comments on Exchange SVG form Thierry Kormann (Wednesday, 8 March)

Question about Stylable SVG Apu Nahasapeemapetilon (Wednesday, 8 March)

visible attribute Arnold, Curt (Tuesday, 7 March)

DOM Interface for SVGPathElement Arnold, Curt (Tuesday, 7 March)

RE: What's wrong with SVG Arnold, Curt (Monday, 6 March)

Re(2): Rendering order Jon Ferraiolo (Monday, 6 March)

RE: What is wrong with SVG? Arnold, Curt (Monday, 6 March)

Rendering order Steve Dickson (Monday, 6 March)

SVG MIME types Steve Dickson (Monday, 6 March)

SVG discussion on xml-dev Arnold, Curt (Monday, 6 March)

SVG: titles and descriptions in one and only one language Arnold, Curt (Monday, 6 March)

Victor - Indonesia Victor Lm (Monday, 6 March)

When will SVG spec become final? Apu Nahasapeemapetilon (Saturday, 4 March)

New SVG spec Chris Lilley (Saturday, 4 March)

SVGPathSeg::parentPath Steve Dickson (Friday, 3 March)

Final Form and performance Pawson, David (Friday, 3 March)

Jasc Software announces native SVG editor ElShaddai Edwards (Wednesday, 1 March)

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