RE: What is wrong with SVG?

At 7:02 PM -0800 3/7/00, Jon Ferraiolo wrote:
>I am not sure whether there was a whole ton of deep thought on this issue.
>As I remember, the "wisdom" was based on theories that:
>1) By having character data only in <desc>, <title> and <text>, then really
>dumb screen readers for the visually impaired which only vocalized
>character data would tend to provide a more suitable aural rendering of an
>SVG document, versus one attempted to vocalize all of the moveto, lineto,
>curveto and coordinate data in a 'path' element
>2) Similarly, web search engines which attempt to index generic XML files
>would be able to index SVG files more efficiently. Again, they wouldn't
>have to learn to skip over character data within SVG's 'path' element.
>3) It just seemed cleaner to have the consistent rule that the only aspects
>of SVG that are represented as character data are things that actually make
>sense to read (when looking at source code) or vocalize.

These goals could all be met by the following syntax while still 
making things more easily manipulable by XSLT:

<moveto x="3" y="7"/>
<lineto x="23" y="54"/>
<curveto x="34" y="-76/>

and so on. The idea is to use empty elements, each of which has 
contains exactly one coordinate. What's wrong with that?

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