Re: Question about Stylable SVG

> Indeed. My suggestion is: get the specification back on track by
> removing the recently introduced "Exchange SVG".

I'm agree with Håkon. The Exchange SVG is not compatible with
the Stylable SVG. I mean that a Stylable SVG viewer will not
be able to render Exchange SVG documents.

Another important point is that DOM scripts made for an Exchange
SVG document will not work for a Stylable SVG document (there is
two ways for getting the value of the font-family property for example).
It's the opportunity for developers to do something like :

if (viewer.isExchange()) {...} else {...}

really ugly !

At last, I do not see why having the styling properties as XML
attributes is better than having a simple style attribute with CSS
rules. As far as SVG Generators are concerned, they probably
don't care about how the styling properties are generated. And 
SVG Viewers should better support CSS (see the advantages of 
CSS in the w3c web page).

A solution could be that an "Exchange" SVG Viewer simply says
that all styling properties _must_ be specified on each SVG 
Element (using the style attribute). It means that it does not support
internal or external style sheets. Anyway, the properties are specified
using the CSS syntax.


Thierry Kormann
Koala/Dyade/Bull @ INRIA - Sophia Antipolis

Received on Wednesday, 8 March 2000 08:42:31 UTC