RE: What is wrong with SVG?

Jon Ferraiolo wrote:
>As I remember, we decided against a syntax with coordinates as 
>character data because we wanted character data only for things
>that were textual in nature (such as <text> elements).

Now this is interesting.  Do you recall WHY the WG wanted to use
character data only for things that were textual in nature?  I
am not being critical here.  I just sense a gem of wisdom I do
not yet have.  I am intrigued.

>These comments have been made in the desire to be candid and 
>truthful about what is likely to happen. Would you prefer instead
>that I set up expectations incorrectly, or perhaps that the
>comments were left unanswered?

No.  I am not placing the blame on you.  I am disappointed with
the likely turn of events you are predicting.  Your responses are
appreciated still.

>I do not recall any feedback comments to the first last call about
>the 'path' element.

I accept my share of the blame.  Like everyone else, I was (and am)
under an endless avalanche of specs to read.


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