Re: Text alignment, rotation, etc


Jon responded to most of your issues, but I would also encourage you (and 
other users of our Viewer) to examine the readme file that ships with the 
Adobe SVG Viewer. Our readme file lists which elements, attributes, 
properties, and DOM interfaces are currently supported by the Viewer.


At 01:47 PM 3/8/00 , Arnold, Curt wrote:
>I've been trying to build up a X-Y plot in SVG using XSLT and I have had
>frustration in being able to center align text, right align text and to
>rotate text 90 degrees.  I don't know if I'm misinterpreting the spec
>or if the Adobe plug-in hasn't implemented these yet.
><!-- an attempt to position a label below and centered on 90,366  -->
><text x="90" y="366 " style="text-anchor:middle; 
><!-- an attempt to position a label even and to the right of 64,355  -->
><text y="355" x="64" style="text-anchor:end; 
><!-- an attempt to label the y-axis with vertically oriented text  -->
><text x="60" y="200" style="text-anchor:middle; 
>glyph-orientation-horizontal:90;">Liquid Viscosity</text>
>All of these displayed as if they ignored the style attributes.  So, am I 
>reading the
>spec wrong or has the Adobe plug-in not implemented these yet.
>Some samples in either the SVG spec or the Adobe samples page would be useful.
>These seem to be a lot more common than text on a roller-coaster.

Paton J. Lewis
Adobe Systems

Received on Wednesday, 8 March 2000 20:43:08 UTC