Re: comments on Exchange SVG form


> The only problem of your solution is the "in most cases"... It seems
> that some companies really need to be sure of the resulting color...

To do this, the user must be really motivated. First he has to read the 
source code of the SVG document, then find the element and its ID and
at last modify its personal style sheets. Impressive !

With an Exchange svg document, the user can download the 
document and change the color also. He can also use a script
to modify svg documents on the fly with a proxy, and so on...

Honestly, there is always a way to get what you want. The solution I
have proposed is simple, CSS compliant and solve the problem as far
as legal terms are concerned.


Thierry Kormann
Koala/Dyade/Bull @ INRIA - Sophia Antipolis

Received on Wednesday, 8 March 2000 13:08:50 UTC