Re: Question about Stylable SVG


> Currently you need an enormous amount of resources
> to create a complete SVG viewer. So much so, in fact,
> that even big companies have no confidence that they
> will be able to implement everything any time soon.

What do you mean by complete SVG viewer. Which
sub-category do you consider ? 

> To make a very good implementation of SVG you need
> to have domain expertise not just in graphics 
> technology, but also in traditional browser 
> technologies such as (X)HTML and CSS. No companies
> have expertise in both areas. Certainly, small
> companies will find SVG unapproachable.

yes if you want to create the _best_ Conforming High-Quality 
Dynamic SVG Viewer, I think it's normal that you need tons
of developers (but it's the same for anything else). On the
other hand, it's possible to have a static Stylable SVG viewer
with few resources (I mean 2 developers :).

> SVG is different from most other W3C specs in that
> it won't be browser-makers that implement the best
> viewers -- it will be graphics companies. These
> graphics companies don't also have access to a ready
> stack of other web-related technologies.

yes you are right. But CSS is not really difficult to
implement. It takes time but this is not difficult.

> I hope SVG will be simplified a bit before it is
> made final.

we have to wait.


Thierry Kormann
Koala/Dyade/Bull @ INRIA - Sophia Antipolis

Received on Wednesday, 8 March 2000 10:39:51 UTC