Re: visible attribute

"Arnold, Curt" wrote:
> It should be a fairly common thing for certain layers of a graphic
> to be hidden from display or made visible in response to check box
> events in the containing HTML form.


> Currently, the only apparent mechanism to enable or display
> visibility is to manipulated the "display" fragment of the style
> to and from a value of "none". 

Its not clear what you mean by "display fragment" but I assume that you
mean to alter the value of the disply property to a value of "none" which
is correct.

> This appears to me to be a little
> too complex and error-prone and it would be useful to have
> an explicit boolean property "visible" with a default value of true
> on the styleable elements.

Since there already is a property called "visible", its not clear how what
you are asking fro is significantly different (or less error prone) than
the present situation.


Received on Tuesday, 7 March 2000 19:18:05 UTC