Re: What is wrong with SVG?

Jon Ferraiolo wrote:
> We didn't consider the above alternative. Instead, the two main approaches
> we looked at were the VML approach (like what SVG has now) and PGML, which
> used a "full" XML approach, such as:
>     <path>
>       <moveto x="100" y="200"/>
>       <curveto x1="133.67" y1="217.00" etc. />
> The PGML example mapped directly to convenient DOM access and mapped well
> with XSLT, but we felt the size of PGML files and the size of the PGML DOM
> were unacceptable.

It wouldn't help for the DOM size, but couldn't the XML files be
compressed by far using WAP Binary XML?

My main problem with the <path d="..."/> approach is that 
there are some path elements like arcs that have no "real" 
XML equivalent. I can use <line ... /> instead of "l", 
but there is no element for drawing arcs (AFAIK).

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Received on Tuesday, 7 March 2000 05:45:42 UTC