Re: Rendering order

Steve Dickson wrote:
> In the SVG spec of 2000/03/03, section 4.3 reads:
> "Elements in an SVG document fragment have an implicit drawing order, with
> the first elements in the SVG document fragment getting "painted" first.
> Subsequent elements are painted on top of previously painted elements."

Yes. This is the well-known painters algorithm.

> "For certain types of shapes, marker symbols (...) can be drawn at
> selected vertices. Each marker symbol is painted as if its graphical
> content were expanded into the SVG document tree just  _above_  [my
> emphasis added] the shape object which is using the given marker symbol
> ... The fill is painted first, then the stroke, and then the marker
> symbols. "

Above is, as you say, succeptible to multiple interpretations. It shoul
probably say "after" because then, whether one things of "after" in z-order
of "after" in depth-first tree traversal order, it produces the correct
rendering order. I believe that this is what was meant; we will fix this in
the next draft.


Received on Tuesday, 7 March 2000 18:39:14 UTC