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"New XHTML document" dialog suggestion

[Announce] Snapshots Amaya 9.55

[Announce] Snapshots Amaya 9.55-pre3

[BUG] : Problems with MathML

[BUG] Amaya (CVS version) crashing with non-valid XHTML

[Fwd: Amaya as wysiwyg]

Amaya -- apparent problem with importing style

Amaya --- object and param elements

Amaya 9.53 - WinXP - drag & drop crash error

Amaya 9.54 WinXP bug: cutting and pasting a table

Amaya 9.54 WinXP possible bug: iframe and ruby elements

Amaya 9.54 WinXP possible bugs: closing Amaya

Amaya 9.55 pre3 XP bug: can not delete a table

Amaya 9.55 WinXP bug: can not create table of contents

Amaya as wysiwyg

Amaya closes when last tab is closed

Amaya corrupts HTML containing PHP code

Amaya crashes under Fedora Core 6

Amaya EDIT menu

Amaya has poor support of CSS2 stuff

Amaya object and param elements

amaya webdav does not work

Amaya-9.55-pre3 warnings and X Window error!

Amaya-9.55-pre3 X Window error!

Amya 9.55 pre3 WinXP RFE: Preferences window

Attributes fields and key shortcuts


Bug when using <del> on a list

Can't run Amaya, missing wxmsw26ud_xrc_vc_custom.dll

Changing DTD Settings

Context menu on nautilus faults


Crash after loading of annotations

CSS rule sends Amaya into a loop

detecting syntax errors when textarea used

Feature request: Safe all button


html4 form controls

Installation bug: Amaya 9.54 RPM

mail utilioty

Maybe there is bug in template editing (XTiger)

More patches

Open multiple file

Open with... not working on WinXP


Send a document by mail

some stying issues to check in amaya

trivial warning fixes

w3.org question


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