Re: Send a document by mail

The basic authentication is planned. We will probably implement it when
the password manager will be ready to use.
But the SMTP over SSL is not planed.

If password snooping is your main problem, in the SMTP basic
authentication protocol, yous never send the password itself, you send a
md5 based string.

Emilien Kia

Ray Foulkes a écrit :
> This is true only if the smtp server that you use is run by the ISP, otherwise it would be known as "an open relay".  There is a very large number of users who use an smtp server NOT at their ISP. For example, many mobile users who mail whilst travelling. To avoid re-configuring their email client they use (like me) an authenticated SMTP server using SSL to ensure no snooping of the password.
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>> Many of smtp server allow it, the authentication is done with the Internet
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