Re: Send a document by mail

fwsmail35 a écrit :
>> The basic authentication is planned. We will probably implement it when
>> the password manager will be ready to use.
>> But the SMTP over SSL is not planed.
> I agree with Ray Foulkes, many people use a mail adress that is not
> the one given by their ISP (for instance webmail such as gmail,
> hotmail or Yahoo).
Many ISP allow to send mails with an email address not provided by them
(I use this every day).
> Moreover an authentification is mandatory for some ISPs such as AOL.
> Nevertheless, the basic authentification will be sufficient for me. Is
> it planned for the next release ?
The basic mail authentication is planned but I dont know if it will be
ready for the next release.
>> The goal of mail sending is not to replace any mail-agent nor implement
>> mailto: protocol (it is not planned but it can be an idea).
>> The mail sending is just for announcing to a community that a ressource
>> have been modified.
> In my opinion, another interesting application of the mail sending
> would be to send mail with mathematical formulae. I see somewhere that
> Thunderbird can be configured in order to deal with MathML, so I
> suppose the reception will be possible.
IMHO, you're right, I have not tested that yet.


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