Re: Send a document by mail

> The basic authentication is planned. We will probably implement it when
> the password manager will be ready to use.
> But the SMTP over SSL is not planed.
I agree with Ray Foulkes, many people use a mail adress that is not the 
one given by their ISP (for instance webmail such as gmail, hotmail or 
Yahoo). Moreover an authentification is mandatory for some ISPs such as 
AOL. Nevertheless, the basic authentification will be sufficient for me. 
Is it planned for the next release ?
> The goal of mail sending is not to replace any mail-agent nor implement
> mailto: protocol (it is not planned but it can be an idea).
> The mail sending is just for announcing to a community that a ressource
> have been modified.
In my opinion, another interesting application of the mail sending would 
be to send mail with mathematical formulae. I see somewhere that 
Thunderbird can be configured in order to deal with MathML, so I suppose 
the reception will be possible.

Frédéric WANG

Received on Wednesday, 4 April 2007 08:11:47 UTC