Re: Send a document by mail

Mail sending is just implemented with basic SMTP (without authentication).
Many of smtp server allow it, the authentication is done with the
Internet connection.
Moreover, in the amaya snapshot, the mail cant send attachments but it
will come with the final release.


fwsmail35 a écrit :
> I tried to send a xml document by mail but after clicking on the
> "Send" button, Amaya did not display any message to specify whether it
> had worked. And in fact it had not. I suppose the problem is that an
> authentification is required (I use AOL) but Amaya doesn't ask the
> password. I would like to know if any configuration is possible or if
> there is any plan about password management. I would also like to know
> if somebody else has tried to send xml document (including SVG and
> MathML code) using Amaya.
> Fred

Received on Monday, 2 April 2007 13:56:46 UTC