Re: Attributes fields and key shortcuts

Hello Cristiano,

This bug is now fixed.

On Thursday 07 June 2007 18:10, Cristiano Guglielmetti wrote:
> Amaya 9.55 pre.2 - Win XP
> In the attributes fields (for instance "class" o "alt" name) the
> shortcut keys CTRL+V (to paste into a stored info) doesn't work. Is also
> impossible to copy (CTRL+C) using shortcuts keys. Else, if you use the
> right click Windows menu (Copy and Paste) it works fine.
> To do a test:
> Open notepad and write something you want (like 12345) select and copy
> it into clipboard using CTRL+C.
> Open Amaya, open an attribute, for example a "src" for an image, select
> the text in the field and copy it with CTRL+C.
> Go back to your notepad and, in a new row, paste it with CTRL+V, you
> will have again the first information: 12345 and not the “src” field
> text. In others words the second copy doesn't work and doesn't replace
> the first copy (taked from your notepad)
> Then try to paste this (12345) into the attribute "src" field, it
> doesn't work, but with right click menu-paste command yes.
> Best Regards,

Thanks for the report.
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