Re: Open with... not working on WinXP

I also have this problem on both of my WinXP machines. I have completely 
uninstalled and reinstalled Amaya several times to upgrade to the latest 
versions, but "Open With" continues to not work. Even if I select Open 
With->Chose Program... and browse to c:\Program 
Files\Amaya\WindowsWX\bin\amaya.exe, click Open and OK, it does NOT open 
with Amaya, nor does Amaya get added to the list of applications in the 
Open With list. Instead it opens with the first application in the Open 
With list. This is very annoying. I can, however, drag and drop the file 
to be opened onto the Amaya desktop shortcut.

Keith Rubow

Steven Pemberton wrote:
> While I'm writing I should report another problem I have on WinXP:
> If I right click on an HTML document, and select Open With... and 
> browse to Amaya, Amaya neither gets added to the list of available 
> programs for that sort of file, nor does Amaya get used once I click 
> on OK.
> Amaya 9.53, WinXP, though I have had the problem for a few versions 
> now. It used to work, but I don't know which the last version was that 
> worked; sorry!
> Steven Pemberton
> .

Received on Wednesday, 2 May 2007 20:30:15 UTC