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"Metadata API for Media Resources 1.0" Japanese translation available Shuji Kamitsuna (Saturday, 29 March)

Completed Portuguese translation of "The Organization Ontology" Marisa de Oliveira Santos (Friday, 28 March)

'RDFa Lite 1.1' into Portuguese - Re: Fwd: Translation request. Coralie Mercier (Monday, 24 March)

Updated article: Declaring character encodings in HTML Richard Ishida (Monday, 17 March)

Draft translation of W3C Library Linked Data Incubator Group Final Report saveliev@prlib.ru (Friday, 14 March)

Translation request. Michelle velez (Wednesday, 12 March)

New translation into Japanese Richard Ishida (Monday, 3 March)

Re: ontology localization (into spanish) Phil Archer (Tuesday, 18 February)

W3 Article translation anna pinkhaeva (Sunday, 16 February)

"The RDF Data Cube Vocabulary" Japanese translation available Shuji Kamitsuna (Sunday, 16 February)

[lang] Intention of translation: RDF 1.1 Concepts and Abtract Syntax Antoine Zimmermann (Friday, 14 February)

Completed Japanese translation of CSS 2.1 and 'language-tags' Momdo Nakamura (Saturday, 8 February)

[w3c-translators] <none> Simonna Blue (Wednesday, 5 February)

Fwd: "Organization Ontology" Japanese translation available Phil Archer (Wednesday, 5 February)

[PT-BR] Intention of translation "The Organization Ontology" Marisa de Oliveira Santos (Tuesday, 4 February)

Amaya translation mayya (Tuesday, 4 February)

Amaya Translations Jasminka Odrljin (Tuesday, 4 February)

New translations into German Richard Ishida (Monday, 3 February)

Re: New translations into Japanese:Performance Timeline, User Timing, and Web Storage Coralie Mercier (Tuesday, 28 January)

"Data Catalog Vocabulary (DCAT)" Japanese translation available Shuji Kamitsuna (Saturday, 25 January)

Re: WCAG 2.0 translation to Chinese Simplified Dengfeng Yao (Monday, 20 January)

New translations into Romanian Richard Ishida (Friday, 17 January)

Translation - Amaya mayya@riseup.net (Friday, 17 January)

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