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[fwd] Creating UTF-8 URLs

A workable alternative to "hex-encoded UTF-8 encoded URLs"

ATT'N: Accounting Department

Attn: Martin Dürst: Re: UTF-8 URL for testing

Did-it's Search Engine Secrets

Do you accept credit cards?


IMAP URL document

initial "relative-looking" elements.

leading ".." (Re: revised ...)

More UTF8 + URL code

New proposal (was Re: UTF-8 and URLs)


Opaque right hand sides (was: Re: revised "generic syntax" internet draft)

revised "generic syntax" and "data:" internet drafts

revised "generic syntax" internet draft

tired of junk mail?

Transcribing non-ascii URLs [was: revised "generic syntax" internet draft]

Using UTF-8 for non-ASCII Characters in URLs

UTF-8 and URLs

UTF-8 URL for testing


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