Re: UTF-8 URL for testing
Mon, 14 Apr 1997 08:57:01 +0200

To: Francois Yergeau <>
Subject: Re: UTF-8 URL for testing 
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Date: Mon, 14 Apr 1997 08:57:01 +0200
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Result of testing of Francois' page with Netscape 3.0:

- The charset in the document was ignored; consequently, the
  %C3%B4 displayed as A with tilde + Acute Accent
- The same display is used in the lower lefthand corner with the
  nonencoded URL, and in the Location: area when following the URL.
- The %-encoded version displayed with percent signs.

My conclusion: Unencoded UTF-8 URLs are not supported, but are "mostly
harmless" (that is, they just display bizarrely); encoded UTF-8 URLs are
supported and displayed with encoding.

Pair of fact beats house of theory - thanks, Francois!

                     Harald A