Re: UTF-8 and URLs

Francois Yergeau (
Fri, 25 Apr 1997 10:22:34 -0400

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Date: Fri, 25 Apr 1997 10:22:34 -0400
From: Francois Yergeau <>
Subject: Re: UTF-8 and URLs
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À 00:25 25-04-97 -0500, Dan Connolly a écrit :
>> Let's see: we would have an i18n RFC that would allow URLs to contain most
>> any characters, and a (possibly Draft) standard that would say "All URLs
>> consist of a restricted set of characters..." (we know which): clear
>> contradiction.
>Please don't cite out of context or paraphrase wildly. The _existing_
>RFC limits the characters in URLs. In fact, the UTF-8-in-%XX encoding
>propsal doesn't even change that: it just adds semantics to the syntax.

I'm sorry, but I see it differently: the UTF-8-in-%XX proposal doesn't add
octet values on-the-wire, but it adds, and correctly maps, thousands of

>>From what I can see, Larry is the only guy around here volunteering
>to be editor; as such, it's up to him to decide whether it's more
>convenient to present the ideas in one document or two.

Well, I think Martin has volunteered too, at least to some extent.  And I
wouldn't mind if it were purely a presentation issue, as you imply, but I
don't think it is.  The issue is what will be standardized as *the* URL


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