Re: revised "generic syntax" internet draft

Larry Masinter (
Wed, 16 Apr 1997 00:35:24 PDT

Message-Id: <>
Date: Wed, 16 Apr 1997 00:35:24 PDT
From: Larry Masinter <>
To: Gary Adams - Sun Microsystems Labs BOS <>
Subject: Re: revised "generic syntax" internet draft


Thanks for going through my questions and giving general answers,
but they were still pretty generic and hand-waving. In lieu of
an actual implementation, could you please go through a couple
of real examples, e.g., for any one of Chinese, Japanese,
Greek, Hebrew.

What does University of Jerusalem Classics Department write
as their URL in Hebrew characters? What glyphs get printed
(in what order) in the newsletter? What keystrokes get typed
to enter them in (in what order)? What does the browser do
to turn the keystrokes into a URL?

What about Sanyoo depaarto? What do they print as the URL
for their food shop? How would someone enter that into a browser?

Your design got very fuzzy and turned into a general discussion
but what I'm asking for is just a couple of worked out examples.

How is this supposed to work, and how does hex-encoded UTF-8 encoded
actually help make it work?